New Beginnings

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I turned 47 a few days ago. After 18 months of intense therapy and struggle to find my lost self, I am discovering the person that I knew when I was younger. Fearless, determined, and confident. I don’t know where I lost her along the way, but I am glad she is back. In 2004, after a lifetime of physical… Read more »


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she stood in the nights’ freezing air crying for their love slowly he boarded the bus turning back every step she waved, he smiled love was in her eyes when they pulled away farther than before she had so much faith in her love the tears just streamed down her cheek he vowed to return but no one ever really… Read more »


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When you can forgive both another and yourself you move from the law of karma (action and reaction) into the law of grace (resolution) – that effulgent state that transmutes and heals. – W Brugh Joy


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To learn to respect and reverence for the process is what counts, we each take our own roads, but it is what one discovers along that road that’s important, and how one is changed by those discoveries. – Judith Guest


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Sooner or later a choice will have to be made: to continue on a willful path in which one tries to secure autonomy and self-determination, or to embark on a spiritual path in which one seeks ever-greater willingness to become part of the fundamental processes of life in self-surrender. – Gerald May


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Daily silence experienced in humility and fervor as an indispensable exercise in spiritual nourishment gradually creates within is a permanent state of stillness. The soul discovers in such silence. The soul discovers in such a silence unsuspected possibilities. It realizes that life can be lived at different levels. – Pierre Laconte

Self-Care Sunday – Pause

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When others seem agitated with you take a moment before you internalize it. Is this about you, or is this something else? A feeling of theirs that they are getting to express but not AT you. An emotion or event that they are working through and you happen to be present. If you can not see what you’ve done or… Read more »


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The Rules of Journal Writing 1. Date your entries as you go. 2. There are no other rules.

write more

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write more write more write more write more put down your ideas they need to be alive breathe life into your story with writing them out write