Road Trip?

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When I have the energy, I love to get in the car and take a country drive. When I was younger, we would pack up a picnic and drive to a lake or just wander around. Daddy was in the US Army, so moving around so frequently, we saw a lot of different places. Most of these trips were just Mamma and me out exploring. Since Michael and I have been traveling full-time, I get out and take a wander around. Michael works from home, so it gives me some away time, and it calms me down. I can be completely silent or blare some tunes.

We drove up to Montana from New Mexico and live-streamed it from the RV. One day we had ZERO cell coverage to stream, so we just recorded the drive and uploaded it. I find that I have watched it a couple of times, and it makes me regret not recording some of the rides I have taken over the years. Sometimes, my drives take me through National Parks, State Parks, and other times, I just explore a funky neighborhood.

I’ve decided to make an actual effort to record these drives. After some goading from friends, I’ve decided to share the drives with others. After all, there are a lot of people right now that can’t just go out for a drive. I love the shows and videos where you just sit back and watch the scenery go by, and judging by how many there are on YouTube I figure others do too.

More to come.