23 May 2019

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they no longer worry about the little things. For some, it arrives with fanfare and a bright silvery bell ringing in their head; for others it is gradual, and in one quiet moment you see it. You understand. Life is too short to waste your energy, your time on things that do not matter. You only get so many moments and giving away time you will never get back on trivial bullshit, and people that do nothing but suck the life out of the room will not bring you true happiness.

I have had that moment. I struggled for a long time with taking on others energy and tragedies. Things I couldn’t even change for them if I tried. I just sucked all of that negativity into my soul and held onto it. Maybe I believed if I held it all in, I could keep it from the people I cared about, somehow save them from the pain, from themselves. That didn’t happen, and all that it did do was rob me of time, the time I spent on shit that I could not change.

That stops now. We only have a limited amount of time on this rock, and I am no longer interested in spending time on negative shit that I didn’t cause, I can’t fix, and ultimately is none of my business.

a line in the sand

27 October 2018

I heard him say “grab them by the pussy” and I thought – well that is over. We won’t hear from him anymore. Then I saw him stalk Hillary on the stage like the bully predator he is and I thought – well now it is over.

Then I woke up the morning after and Michael told me that he won and I crumpled to the floor. All of the fear that ran through my body. Concern for my friends and family. How did this happen? Didn’t they know he was an empty can rattling – spewing hatred and lies? Gaslighting the country all the way to the White House.

I’ve tried to understand how anyone I knew and loved could even for a minute entertain this clowns bullshit. I have struggled. I heard JOBS, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, BENGHAZI, and even a few – HE TELLS IT LIKE IT IS.

Well,  now please allow me to tell you like it is. You voted for a NAZI; maybe you didn’t realize it then. But you damn sure should know it now. If you can continue to support this deranged orange wannabe dictator, then I am done. We share VERY different values. I will hold the memories that I have of our relationship dear, but I am fucking done. Humans are dying because they are not WHITE. Breathe that in for a moment. Humans are dying because they don’t worship the same fictional character. Gnaw on that for a moment. Humans are being killed merely because of the bathroom they use. THE FUCKING BATHROOM.

You may be able to live with that by any measure – but I can not. I will not. I don’t wish you ill; I don’t hate you. But if you can continue to support anything this man says or does – you are doing it without me in your life.

I am not so bold as to believe that I would even make a difference in your decision to stop supporting that disheveled walking adult diaper but I feel better saying it out loud.

Just know if you ever need anything from me – all you are going to get is THOUGHTS & PRAYERS.


*thanks to Jenny Odell for the graphic

Clutch the Pearls

14 September 2018

Does anyone else feel like Elon Musk should have been the lead in “Why Him?” or at the very least Franco’s older brother. “They hate us cause they ain’t us.” Now, I am not typically a Kool-Aid drinker – but if you’ve ever ridden in a Tesla or lucky you — DRIVEN a Tesla — you would know why the haters are running scared. Take a full-EV like a Fiat 500e and multiply that by 1000 and you have it. Take off like a rocket sled – get off the line quicker than any ICE on the market, seat up to seven grown ass people. Can we stop hating on Tesla because of the cost, instead of bashing Tesla for being expensive how about you take your complaint to Detroit? Let me help “Dear Shitty Car Makers; Tesla is dope as fuck; please get with the program so I can trade in my ICE for good. Is Elon bonkers? Yes, but as you know – all the best people are.

Stupid Holidays

3 July 2018

The United States celebrates their independence from British rule like they just won that fight yesterday. It is a bit like some washed up high school quarterback thinking he is still the shit because of that winning touchdown 30 years ago.


What if …

12 April 2018

all of this time the story of the Devil and Hell got twisted around. What if Lucifer were not the evil one but the WARDEN of prison in which evil is contained? A favourite angel of the big G, so honest and good that he was chosen to protect the flock from all the nasty women, liberals and immigrants. Wouldn’t the good christians want to buy him a cup of coffee and a doughnut? Instead, they blame Mr Morningstar for our evil liberal ways.


1 March 2018

March is Caffeine Awareness Month. While the month is supposed to be dissecting the travesty that is CAFFEINE.

I get that you don’t want toddlers jacked up on energy drank! However, according to, I am likely to consume more caffeine than the majority of the population. I didn’t need genetic testing to know that, but hey: science is cool.

When I was a girl, my Aunt Mary taught me how to drink proper Irish tea – a potent brew with milk and sugar, these days I use erythritol or monk fruit to sweeten and heavy cream – because yanno FAT IS GOOD.

My goto morning cuppa is Republic of Tea’s HiCAF Breakfast blend. I don’t get jitters, and it is a lovely tasting tea with a whopping 110mg of caffeine.

I am sure some people consume too much for their system and needs. When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005 after suffering most of life, I tried everything. I cut caffeine out – stepped down to as close to zero as I could get. It did not help. In fact, it made things worse. The lesson is – do what works for you.

Anyhow – enjoy the month and have a cuppa or four. =)

Prime Now Amazon

1 November 2017

I wonder how much of a boost to their revenue in Las Vegas has been boosted by high ass people with the munchies that need a gallon of milk and a metric-shit-ton of cookies.



7 May 2017

We sent in our DNA to 23andMe a few weeks ago, and I’ve received mine and we are anxiously awaiting Michael’s. I am so impressed. It is amazing to see all of the detailed reports, fascinating.

To see where my story started, looking over the “TRAITS” reports. And yes, there is a reason why I drink so much caffeine. GENES.

If you are interested in learning about your ancestry, your health markers or just curious about DNA — check them out.

My Life According to Booze Monkey

5 May 2010

I had this posted over at FB but since I left I decided to repost it here.

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST/BAND, answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me (so I can see)

Repost as “my life according to (band name)

Pick your artist:
Booze Monkey / Blue Ajay

Describe yourself:
Old Soul (Good Luck Mr. Gorsky)

How do you feel?
Make, Model, & Mileage (Good Luck Mr. Gorsky)

Describe where you currently live:
Hope (4th Street)

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Dick Frankensteins Night Out (4th Street)

Your favorite form of transportation:
Hound Dog (Something Borrowed Something)

You and your best friend are:
Frankie Can’t Surf (Run, Linux, Run)

What’s the weather like:
The Disintegration of Content (Holly’s Song)

Favorite time of day:
Countdown to Cocktails (Good Luck Mr. Gorsky)

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?
Surely Hang (Good Luck Mr. Gorsky)

What is life to you?
Changin’ Lanes (4th Street)

Your relationship:
Favorite Sin (Good Luck Mr. Gorsky)

Your fear:
Block Away Friend (Savannah Colors)

What is the best advice you have to give?
Son (Savannah Colors)

Thought for the day:
Sadie and Daniel (South Mountain Magic)

How I would like to die:
Fistful of Bartabs (Something Borrowed Something)

My soul’s present condition:
Partial to Grey (Savannah Colors)

My motto:
Life’s Like That (Savannah Colors)

he love you too much

28 March 2009

I had to run into town to pick up snacks for the road trip and my meds. I started to get a hunger headache — what I get for skipping breakfast. I find myself thinking Arby’s. The guy at the window was the Manager – a nice guy. Hispanic, older fella – he cracks me up every time I see him. Yea, we think Arby’s a lot around here.  Well, here I am sitting in my car, enjoying the warm and muggy weather … (no, not really).  He leans out and asks – “You like your car?” I smile and quietly say yes. He smiles big and says (imagine a cross between George Lopez and Cheech. “No, I know you like your car — it has HEMI.” He asks me if I mind telling him how much. Now — I don’t brag about the car or house notes. They are part of life, and I hate them.

I drive a fierce, brilliant black muscle car with more horsepower than my IQ, weight, and age combined. This bitch has so much romp off the line that she will damn near break your neck if you aren’t payin’ attention. Yes, she sucks 2x as much gas as a Prius. But we didn’t get her for the MPG. The car note reflects all of that — it’s not like the note I had on the Dodge Neon I had – but it ain’t a NEON either.

Now, we aren’t rich either. HELLO — if we were — we wouldn’t have car notes. Right?

So when he asks “What is the payment — how much you pay? – Maybe cinco – five hundred??” I tell him — I think with gas, insurance, and the note it’s about 8″ … Without taking a breath or missing a beat, he blurts out —

“EIGHT — I think maybe your husband, he love you too much!”

I just smiled. It is true. My husband does love me too much – I am spoiled there is no doubt.