Self-Care Sunday

11 August 2019

Self-Care Sunday

find a safe space
get naked
gently run your hands over your body
all of your body
even the parts that bother you
realize that other people have those parts too
they feel the urge to shame themselves
take a breath and know that you are not alone
then take a moment to appreciate your body
and all that your body does for you
it keeps you alive for fuck’s sake
know that it is okay to love yourself
to accept your body and self
accept your flaws and beauty alike
because after all, that is what makes you

Self- Care

6 August 2019

I thought I had been taking care of my self. I thought wrong. I realize now that so many little things we do to ourselves add up to big things. One day I decided to try to pay attention to my inner dialogue. I stopped counting the negative shit I was thinking about MYSELF. Me, the one person I have. Me, the one person who will be with me for the long haul. Me, the one person that lives in my head – my miserable and loud head.

– how could I be so clumsy
– I look like shit in this outfit
– why did I eat that I am supposed to be working on my weight
– just how fucked up am I
– no-one wants to read what I write
– how can anyone love me – I’m broken
– I shouldn’t complain, a lot of people have it worse
– I have ZERO talent
– how can anyone tolerate my being sick all of the damned time
– who am I to spend so much time concentrating on self-care

You know the kind, these little gems of negativity and horse-shit come and go with regularity. They sometimes creep through with some stealth, and other times they burst through the door like Kramer and Jack Torrance had a baby. Google it; I’ll wait.
So, this is my attempt at accountability. I hope that working on the small stuff will lead to positive changes in the big thing.

I plan to use this category to keep track of my self-care. Writing about my experience and sometimes sharing thoughts and ideas I have about the journey.

Please note that this is my journey, and these are my thoughts and experiences.