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New Beginnings

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I turned 47 a few days ago. After 18 months of intense therapy and struggle to find my lost self, I am discovering the person that I knew when I was younger. Fearless, determined, and confident. I don’t know where I lost her along the way, but I am glad she is back. In 2004, after a lifetime of physical… Read more »

Self-Care Sunday

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Self-Care Sunday find a safe space get naked gently run your hands over your body all of your body even the parts that bother you realize that other people have those parts too they feel the urge to shame themselves take a breath and know that you are not alone then take a moment to appreciate your body and all… Read more »

Self- Care

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I thought I had been taking care of my self. I thought wrong. I realize now that so many little things we do to ourselves add up to big things. One day I decided to try to pay attention to my inner dialogue. I stopped counting the negative shit I was thinking about MYSELF. Me, the one person I have…. Read more »