15 November 2019

Daily silence experienced in humility and fervor as an indispensable exercise in spiritual nourishment gradually creates within is a permanent state of stillness. The soul discovers in such silence. The soul discovers in such a silence unsuspected possibilities. It realizes that life can be lived at different levels.
– Pierre Laconte

Self-Care Sunday – Pause

10 November 2019

When others seem agitated with you take a moment before you internalize it. Is this about you, or is this something else? A feeling of theirs that they are getting to express but not AT you. An emotion or event that they are working through and you happen to be present. If you can not see what you’ve done or said – don’t worry. It’s now about you. You are just present. Stay present, let it wash over you and then let it go.


9 November 2019

The Rules of Journal Writing

1. Date your entries as you go.

2. There are no other rules.

write more

5 November 2019

write more
write more
write more
write more

put down your ideas
they need to be alive
breathe life into your story
with writing them out


Self-Care Sunday – Tree of Life

3 November 2019

Self-Care Sunday – The Tree of Life

I like to create stuff. I don’t know that I am any good at it, but I enjoy it, so there is that benefit.
After my therapist suggested this activity The Tree of Life, my first thought after seeing the examples was this could be a great art therapy option.

I used different colors and took a little bit of time to cute it up. After that, I told my therapist I had an idea about more Tree of Life art therapy.

write a word
draw a picture
whatever that memory means to you
put that emotion onto the leaf
see it, feel it, own it
then let it fall
you are not what has happened to you
you are a product of it
let what happened in the past go
forgive others if you can
but most of all forgive yourself


27 October 2019

Our society has become a conspiracy against joy. It has put too much emphasis on the individuating part of our consciousness —individual reason— and too little emphasis on the bounding parts of our consciousness, the heart, and soul.
– David Brooks


24 October 2019

Be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given to you because you would not be able to live them now. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.
– Rainer Maria Rilke

Entertain Me

20 October 2019

It must be a pain in the arse to be an actor; putting in your best effort on a project, and then your hard work ends up being edited beyond recognition. Of course, after being snipped and jostled about by every other hand after your part is complete, it must be your fault for the piece of utter shite that it has become.

They are expected to be friends with everyone you’ve ever worked alongside.”That’s right Karen; I spend my weekends at Will Smith’s house because I handed him a file in a movie 15 years ago. We are fucking besties, Karen. How is Bob from your work-study job in college 15 years ago?”

The other thing that blows my mind is that whole attitude that entertainers are not allowed to have thoughts or opinions of their own. How often have I heard comments like – “Actors need to stick to acting, sit down and shut up about politics and current affairs, sit there and look pretty.” Ok, Todd, you work at Office Max – if I want to hear you talk about anything but how legit Swingline staplers I’ll let you know.”

Entertainers are not allowed by the public to have a personal life, make mistakes, have feelings, desire privacy – you know you picked a public career so you can never have a down moment to yourself and family. Leaving everything open to interpretation.

The perception of who they are by the public must bring its own frustrations. Some people cannot reconcile that the actor is not the character, as well as being a complement to the talent of the actor it is dismissive of the PERSON.


15 October 2019

Do you remember back in the day when the power grid would go down for hours during a storm?

Nothing to do but light a candle and wait it out.

I remember playing card games, having a conversation with my family and friends.

Sit and read by candlelight and just enjoying the silence of the house

I miss those days.

you are not

21 September 2019

you are not what others think of you
you are what you think of you