9 November 2019

The Rules of Journal Writing

1. Date your entries as you go.

2. There are no other rules.

write more

5 November 2019

write more
write more
write more
write more

put down your ideas
they need to be alive
breathe life into your story
with writing them out



2 April 2019

They don’t see me
I live in the shadow of her memory

When I speak, it’s her words they hear
I scream I plead; I rage against them

There is nothing; it’s futile to try.

I am not her living memory – I am me
She was once, but now I am
Not dishonoring her, I am just me

Plainly underestimated
Obviously ignored

I carry my torch; I have too
She didn’t teach me to follow
She didn’t want me to mimic her

Let me go – let me be me
Let me rage outside of her shadow

LGK – 18 Nov 2003

Karma Calling

19 March 2019

I want you to know I take no joy in my work. It is complicated, messy and it pays for shit. I don’t pop out of bed with a need or drive that comes from pleasure to do what I do. It merely needs to be done. Laws and society have failed these creatures – so someone has to force the hand of change. I wish it didn’t have to be me, but I can’t sleep at night knowing no one else will step to the task. It is a dangerous job, and you have to have the stomach for it, which in truth I don’t. I don’t like the mess. But sometimes, most of the time, the world is messy, so I work through it. My benefactors don’t have the constitution for this work, but they have deep pockets and motivation.

Uncle Sam gave me some skills and allowed me to travel around the world, but I never had the time actually to see it, much less enjoy it. What I did notice was the worst of the human race. Greed is a big motivator, and the black market for the darkest and most depraved desires of humans provides a means to acquire these things. The poachers, murderers for hire, killing machines really; poachers kill these animals for myth and superstition. The parts and pieces of the animals that are some magical cure-all that bring millions of dollars on the black market. The horns of the Rhino, gall bladders of bears, small bits of the animals for the highest bidder. They will kill anyone that gets in their way as well. Then the big game hunt guides take the highest bidder out to kill magnificent creatures just for the photo op, the wild animals as well as the “canned hunts.” These are particularly disgusting. The animals cared for in a confined area are killed by “hunters” buying the cowardly opportunity to kill them.

It is shit like this that has me saying “what in the fuck is wrong with people?!” several times a day. I have to admit as a killer myself; I am not very creative. There are times where I have to improvise, but usually, I stick with the “Do Unto Others” rule. Whatever they do, I do in turn. It keeps it simple. I’ve managed to live a quiet, under the radar life. It seems I have to come clean if I want to get the message out that if you torture and murder animals someone is willing to put their life on the line to stop you once and for all.

Here is my story.


1 March 2019

I wander down this path where evil shadows lurk

dancing in the darkness, calling upon courage to turn and face the monsters

each dying shadow reveals more to take its place

more to carry on the battle, more to haunt me

with the turn of every corner, I grow more determined



19 December 2018
    she stood in the nights’ freezing air
    crying for their love
    slowly he boarded the bus
    turning back every step
    she waved, he smiled
    love was in her eyes
    when they pulled away
    farther than before
    she had so much faith in her love
    the tears just streamed down her cheek
    he vowed to return
    but no one ever really knows
    but Autumn believed
    she believed in him
    lehnanne g. kidd © December 19, 1990


16 November 2018

lessons in the desert

he said leaving is never easy
and she walked out the door
a dust devil came for her soul
as she realized she wouldn’t see him anymore

the dreams still haunt her
what could have been and things left unsaid
did she ever really know him
or was it all in her head

the desert sun baked down on her
the day she drove away
a stronger woman for it all
but oh what a price to pay

22 October 2018

write a story

write your story

feel the experience

embrace the pain

make it your ally

22 October 2018

take to the skies

shake off the chains

make your life the one you want

the life you need

be well and dare to be happy


11 October 2018
Carl Sagan Quote


We seem to think that we have all of the time in the world, but, we all die in the end.

My entire life I have filled and then discarded many journals and many more attempts to write with reckless abandon – but I lost too much to the should and shouldn’t.

Fear — Uncertainty — Doubt — Guilt — Existential Crisis = FUDGE


But spending time out in the desert under the darkest skies imaginable – I have come to realize that I AM INSIGNIFICANT. What I do, what I say — no one cares. Since I am but one speck on a planet of nearly 10 billion people and part of what is most likely a multi-universe it makes it less likely that I am going to make any real change to anything of value for the millenniums to come. So here I am — writing for me.