scariest thing

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This is the scariest thing I have ever read: “The Federal Communications Commission overruled its staff and said an expletive uttered by rock singer Bono on NBC was both indecent and profane. It marked the first time that the FCC cited a four-letter word as profane; the commission previously equated profanity with language challenging God’s divinity.” WHAT THE FUCK?? Profanity… Read more »

good person

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Did you know that you can tell if a person is decent by what they do with their empty shopping carts? If you take the empty cart to a cart corral or back into the stores front cart area then you are a decent person, if you hike the cart up onto the curb or grassy area of a parking… Read more »

fatherless child

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My dad was not my father. It didn’t matter to him or to me that we were not bound by genetics. He did all of the things that the man I thought was my biological father couldn’t or wouldn’t. All of my life I had questions about my father. There was a man that everyone told me was my father,… Read more »


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I suppose being normal is overrated anyway. Or maybe that is just something abnormal people say to make themselves feel better about not being normal. I don’t feel normal. Some of the time I just don’t think about how far away from the herd I am and I just live day to day and then there are times that it… Read more »

party of one

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I picked up “Party of One: A Loners’ Manifesto” at the library this week by Anneli Rufus. It is very interesting and I never considered myself a “loner” before. I just hate people. I am only a few pages into this adventure and already I am beginning to believe I have been a loner all along. I don’t like crowds… Read more »

buckeye bound

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I woke up this morning from a nasty nightmare. One of those all alone and you know it sort of feelings. I literally woke up screaming — I have gotten used to the nightmares over the years and most of the time I just brush them off and go back to sleep. It has been a long time since I… Read more »

Missing Mom

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My mom died 5 February 2002. Time has passed and some wounds have healed, some have just gone numb. Getting on with life has gotten a little easier, but last night for the first time in a long time I really missed her. I missed her so much I couldn’t sleep. My mom and I had this weird relationship. When… Read more »

Does Life Suck?

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I recently read in some dark corner of the internet that the only reason one would keep an online journal would be to complain about the hell that is their life. I don’t know that I believe that. My life isn’t all that bad. If you stand back and look at it my life is actually kind of nice. I… Read more »


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If I ever write a book about my family I am going to call it “Two Tanks of Gas and a Handful of Xanax” – because that is what you need to get through a weekend with them. It isn’t that I despise the whole family thing – just a few of them. They seem to make the visits stressful… Read more »


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A friend of mine called today. Her grandfather was told he has lung cancer, they have basically sent him home to die. She is heading out in a few days to see him. It is going to be hard on her I am sure. Just talking to her brings back a rush of memories. Some of them good, some of… Read more »