scariest thing

18 March 2004

This is the scariest thing I have ever read: “The Federal
Communications Commission overruled its staff and said an expletive
uttered by rock singer Bono on NBC was both indecent and profane. It
marked the first time that the FCC cited a four-letter word as profane;
the commission previously equated profanity with language challenging
God’s divinity.”
Profanity is like challenging God’s divinity? Whose fucking God? Fuck,
what if you don’t have a God? Then what — fuck is okay? Jeezie creezie
these fuckers are getting scary. Anyone wanna buy me a fucking ticket
to the UK … as far as I know FUCK is still legal over there. Fucking
uptight crazy ass amerikkkan jesus freaks.
And in case you missed it –I am fucking unnerved by this fucking shit!

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