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I am a big supporter of the rant. It has saved many a person from a fate worse than death. If I can’t get shit off my chest I am likely to pop and take a few with me.

I Am

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People are too complicated to have simple labels. – Philip Pullman I’m not too fond of labels. I think I am much more complex than a tag or denomination. I am more valuable than any sign you can hang at my door. I am not more or less than anyone else because of these labels, so it shouldn’t matter. But,… Read more »


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I am tired of people and news and things. I need to unplug and let go. I am mortified by the overwhelming ignorance that is running rampant in this country and I want to escape to a place of reason and calm. Stupid people scare the shit out of me, especially the ones that don’t know they’re stupid. When I… Read more »

namaste, asshole

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Out and about yesterday, Michael spotted a pro-wolves bumper sticker. This always excites me to see others who love wolves and such. As we got closer, we saw several enlightened stickers. The last one I saw before the driver flicked his cigarette butt out of his window said, “What difference do you make?” with a lovely image of Earth. I… Read more »

Atheist Texan

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LK and I are becoming residents of Texas – we are making Texas our home state for RVing. Home state meaning where we are registered to vote, hold licenses and vehicle registrations, and of course pay taxes. Well, I discovered that in Texas (and 6 other states) Atheists can not hold office. WTH?! Don’t even get me started on Arkansas… Read more »


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Big Brother

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So I am a little over the whole NSA secret surveillance scandal … especially by the outraged masses on social media. In between checking in at the local movie theater to spout dislike of the latest blockbuster and tagged pictures of a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks people are enraged that the NSA can see what they are doing on… Read more »

Both feet.

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So in being true to myself I am just going to jump right back into this blogging nonsense and let you all in on a secret. I don’t care. I have been to therapy for years and I just don’t have the capacity to give a damn on certain things. Fashion, don’t care. Popular music, don’t care. I could go… Read more »

Judge LOUP

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Merriam Webster defines judgment as opinion. And I really do try not to judge people too harshly because I don’t know what they are going through. Everyone deals with life in their own way. BUT (and you knew there was a but coming right?), there are things that I will judge you for and unless YOU change I won’t let… Read more »

Shiv a Bitch

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A few months ago when Vicious and BW were down for a visit “Shiv A Bitch” was brought up. Now I have said “Cut a Bitch” for years but SHIV is so much more … visceral. Has that touch of rough and tumble high jinx that you can only find in prison. Cut a Bitch could happen almost anywhere –… Read more »

Rant? Yes, thank you.

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People freak me the fuck out. Not all people mind you – but most people. Typically the artsy, eco-friendly people that consider themselves hip parental types with strange-looking toddlers wearing hats that are the missing part of some weird animal costume. Freaky. People who think Andy Warhol was an artist of the highest caliber. I don’t know much about art… Read more »