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I am a big supporter of the rant. It has saved many a person from a fate worse than death. If I can’t get shit off my chest I am likely to pop and take a few with me.

I Am

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“People are too complicated to have simple labels.” ― Philip Pullman I’m not too fond of labels. I think I am much more complex than a tag or denomination. I am more valuable than any sign you can hang at my door. I am not more or less than anyone else because of these labels, so it shouldn’t matter. But,… Read more »

namaste, asshole

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Out and about yesterday, Michael spotted a pro-wolves bumper sticker. This always excites me to see others who love wolves and such. As we got closer, we saw several enlightened stickers. The last one I saw before the driver flicked his cigarette butt out of his window said, “What difference do you make?” with a lovely image of Earth. I… Read more »