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I suppose being normal is overrated anyway. Or maybe that is just
something abnormal people say to make themselves feel better about not
being normal. I don’t feel normal. Some of the time I just don’t think
about how far away from the herd I am and I just live day to day and
then there are times that it slaps me in my face how different I am
from sheeple. It can happen when people talk about their parents in the
present tense … “My mom and I are going shopping tomorrow.” Then I
wish my mom and I could go shopping again. Or when the cashier at the
grocery store sees a child in line, ooos and aahs over it, and then
admits how much she LOVES children and don’t I just love children too.
I sometimes tell them “Yes, they are delicious.” but recently I just
ignore them like I didn’t hear them, or let the expression on my face
say it all.
There are other things that seperate me from them … my distaste for
clothes shopping, my contempt for government, disgust at those who soak
in perfume and wrap themselves in fashion. I don’t know it just doesn’t
sound like I am that far from normal to me… or am I?