Does Life Suck?

15 August 2003

I recently read in some dark corner of the internet that the only
reason one would keep an online journal would be to complain about the
hell that is their life. I don’t know that I believe that. My life
isn’t all that bad. If you stand back and look at it my life is
actually kind of nice. I rant a lot but not about anything that
controls my happy / sad factor. Just annoying things. I don’t know why
I bother really except just to get it off of my mind. Rant a bit then
forget it. I have a wonderful person in my life who adores me and
spoils me rotten. I have 2 fantastic dogs that could not be better at
being cute if they tried and all of the toys and gadgets a girl needs.
And to the dark corner of the net I say … you can so blog and be
happy … so there.

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