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Not so much

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There are several people who have suggested that their days would be brighter if they only could laugh at with me over my adventures with stupid people and the miscellaneous outbursts I am prone to. So do I think that my random rants and tirades deserved an entire domain name? … Not so much. I am cheap and lazy as… Read more »

My Best Friend

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It is a little after 9 p.m. as I sit here … the hum of the fish tank, the light of the moon, the repetition of the dog breathing at my feet comfort me … I miss my best friend. Sometimes I wake up and look, only to find an empty pillow, forgetting he isn’t here … I mark the… Read more »

J’s Attic

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Over on the board, J has a couple of threads going with some of his random thoughts. I snagged a couple that made me laugh out loud — enjoy. *** If I could smile, I would, but as I pull this ax out of your head, I can’t help but think, “Maybe I did order thin crust.” *** It’s like… Read more »

quite the quizzer

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FIRSTS First job: cleaning out horse stalls First screen name: LOUP First self-purchased CD: Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill First piercing/tattoo: p- ears t-that ugly ass buffalo First true love: LK First enemy: my biological father LASTS Last big car ride: went to see friends in Winchester Last kiss: about 3 minutes ago Last library book checked out: Darwin Among… Read more »

Happy Birthday Tesla

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Nikola Tesla was born late at night on July 9, 1856 – so late in fact some say he was born on the 10th. He was a genius, a man before his time and the father of many wonderful inventions that improve our lives still today. Tesla died in 1943, penniless and broken because people like Marconi and Edison thought… Read more »

friday night follies

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A few weeks ago my doctor put me on a beta blocker that has been found to help with migraines. Thursday I called her office to let her know how it was doing – I am tired all of the time and I started to notice some aching in my chest the night before. All normal, my body needs time… Read more »

strange dreams

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Lately I have been having the strangest dreams, like bad movies. Last nights feature presentation was by far the strangest. Bombers and jets flying overhead in V formation – missles coming toward me but before they got anywhere close another missle would shoot up and destroy it. There was a huge explosion. The explosion burnt the sky – where the… Read more »


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I wonder about people who are crazy religious. You know the type, those people that are so into their chosen faith and all other belief systems are evil and wrong. I can’t say that I was raised a certain faith and then grew out of it … my parents really didn’t care one way or the other. I had some… Read more »

by the way

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I did mention that this blog / website was basically for me and a few people who care about what mudane things I am up to right? I don’t expect to be the most popular girl on the internet and I know this blog is for shit. So stop sending me email telling me that .. mmm’kay. Take a deep… Read more »

the late night rambling of a fool

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It is raining in Carlsbad night now … I can almost smell it. I miss that open sky where you can watch the storm roll in for hours before it gets there. I hated the reason WHY I had to be back in the desert- but I didn’t hate the desert. Sometimes I miss it. But then again I am… Read more »