strange dreams

2 June 2004

Lately I have been having the strangest dreams, like bad movies. Last nights feature presentation was by far the strangest. Bombers and jets flying overhead in V formation – missles coming toward me but before they got anywhere close another missle would shoot up and destroy it. There was a huge explosion.
The explosion burnt the sky – where the blue sky and clouds were now was a hole and you could see the black space with stars. All of this happened while I was on my porch.
All of sudden I was at a large accident on a small road (you know how you just jump from scene to scene in movies — and dreams). There must have been a dozen vehicles involved. I helped move a car out of the way to look for someone — then I was back on my porch.
There was a big bbq going on and we had music and laughter. I had to leave for work and as I walked past this big chair Billy Bob Thorton thanked me for being his friend and I said “I like the way you talk.”
Then I woke up.

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