My Best Friend

15 February 2005

It is a little after 9 p.m. as I sit here … the hum of the fish tank, the light of the moon, the repetition of the dog breathing at my feet comfort me … I miss my best friend.

Sometimes I wake up and look, only to find an empty pillow, forgetting he isn’t here … I mark the days off the calendar … closer as each day brings me … farther as each one takes me … I count how long it has been since he has held me … and wish for the remaining days to be whisked away … I want him to know that he is my best friend … and I miss him …

I need him like air, and ever since the first time he held me in his arms, under the moon, with the company of dolphins, whispered he loved me … I have been lost … I love you .. you are my every reason for being … you make me want to be near you always … I am a better person for having you in my life … and you have fulfilled every wish just by being you!

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