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dream a little dream

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I have the strangest dreams. I don’t try to over analyze them. Hell, I don’t even try to analyze them. Some times they make me sad and some times they make me smile. Last night I had a dream that did both. I am a fangrrl when it comes to Hugh Laurie. I will watch the biggest bit of crap… Read more »


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Cheryl headed back home today. We had a good time. I overdid it a little bit the first day — but shit happens. I was introduced to several new things that I thought I would hate but found I really enjoy. Edamame for one — very tasty stuff! Hockey – hells yah — need more fighting and less skating though…. Read more »

he love you too much

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I had to run into town to pick up snacks for the road trip and my meds. I started to get a hunger headache — what I get for skipping breakfast. I find myself thinking Arby’s. The guy at the window was the Manager – a nice guy. Hispanic, older fella – he cracks me up every time I see… Read more »

guess who’s back

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So I tried playing with other templates but I found myself drawn back to this one. If you remember the old site you will remember that I had pictures of wolves and elvis and such as backgrounds. This time .. just a few simple colors. Takes less time to load and not so much of a distraction. Though I will… Read more »

True Enough

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I am learning to slow down and enjoy my own pace. I am appreciating the people around me more these days. I can see the effects of gravity on my body, no matter how much I exercise or watch what I eat – aging is upon me. The lines on my face are indicative of my life story, and I… Read more »


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I was told by my diagnosing doctor, as if it were some reason to jump up and down with joy, that Fibromyalgia was not progressive and it is not fatal. I think my doctor was full of shit on the first part. If it isn’t progressive why for the last 3 years have my episodes gotten worse and lasted longer… Read more »


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What we have once enjoyed we can never lose, All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. Helen Keller Yesterday would have been my mother’s 62nd birthday. She last held me over 7 years ago. The pain doesn’t go away. You learn to cope and make it through the days but it is always there. Almost looming.  I… Read more »

FAMILY … DNA not required

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As most of you know I have long since been a believer in “YOU CAN PICK YOUR FAMILY”. I spend a great deal of time and energy listening to the bullshit and babblings of the crazy white trash that happens to share my family tree. Well no more. I am kicking those crazy fuckers out of the tree. They can… Read more »

Again with the dreams

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Maybe I will start a dream journal. Some of these could be good ideas for stories or movies!! Short version: I am stealing cars – but only to move them a block down or one parking aisle over. Then watching the reaction of the people as they come to the realization that their car has been stolen. Even better that… Read more »


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I heard this song in my dream last night. I have weird dreams. Especially on the new meds. It seems they have gotten stranger than usual. I mean how strange is it to hear Paul Simon singing “I love to take a photograph So Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away” … pretty frickin’ strange I think. Today isn’t shaping up… Read more »