A New Page

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We all have those stories that we want to forget. All of those stories led us here, to this moment in time. This moment is all that we have any say over. We have no control over the past other than to learn from it, so we make better mistakes the next time. Worrying about what comes next won’t change the outcome, it will only drain you of energy and take up time you could be using elsewhere. We only have NOW.

I know that we have stories that can fill us with much hope that we’d scarcely let them drift too far from memory. But, on the next page, we may find a story that is so horrific we can’t face it without assistance. Yet, we only have these stories; they are a part of us that we can’t deny. We can’t edit them out of our existence. They are just as much part of us as our smile; stories etched into our DNA. But, at this moment – they are just stories.

We’re always writing our life’s story, whether we like it or not. We can visit chapters of our past; we can even skip them, but make no mistake; they are all there. We are the stories, and the stories are us. The key is to keep writing down the new stories of your life and stop trying to re-write the old ones.

What’ve I come to know is that when revisiting our past, we can glance about and let it be. We can skip chapters altogether. When I acknowledge a part of my history, I try to see it for what it is – THE PAST. No amount of energy I spend trying to forget it or re-write it will ever change it. So I must take the lessons I need, and leave the rest.

Here’s to turning the page. Write it out, write it down, let it go.

With Love,