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to be a writer you have to write


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They don’t see me I live in the shadow of her memory When I speak, it’s her words they hear I scream I plead; I rage against them There is nothing; it’s futile to try. I am not her living memory – I am me She was once, but now I am Not dishonoring her, I am just me Plainly… Read more »

Karma Calling

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I want you to know I take no joy in my work. It is complicated, messy and it pays for shit. I don’t pop out of bed with a need or drive that comes from pleasure to do what I do. It merely needs to be done. Laws and society have failed these creatures – so someone has to force… Read more »


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I wander down this path where evil shadows lurk dancing in the darkness, calling upon courage to turn and face the monsters each dying shadow reveals more to take its place more to carry on the battle, more to haunt me with the turn of every corner, I grow more determined @lehnanne  

Memories of Vaughn’s Mill Road

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moonlight beams over mountain tops the changing color of the leaves a faint Autumn breeze haunts the valley and her creatures it is not only the leaves that change every year I become a child again fireplaces burning throughout the cold nights evening stars shining a blanket over our nocturnal souls –LGK2002 I wrote this after my parents passed away… Read more »

getting started

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I thought having this set up would inspire me to write more. So far it hasn’t — the rants and thoughts and ideas are still trapped the dark maze that is my brain. I was standing in the shower this evening, for the second time today — damn this sweaty weather — thinking. I think about everything in the shower…. Read more »