23 September 2010

I am childfree. No kids by choice. I was sure at age 5 that I never wanted children. At 27 I had my tubes tied, at 31 I had a full hysterectomy. Pushing 38 I am still certain.

I came across this blog post that referenced this blog post and I since I thought it was an interesting idea I decided to offer up my advice.

So here is my advice for a child I will never have.

Don’t rely too much on your parents or friends, they won’t always be there.
Love with all of your heart – you will get hurt along the way but you will live.
Be kind to animals.
Nice matters.
Boys, open doors for women. Girls, let them.
Pursue you happiness with reckless abandon.
Step outside of your comfort zone.
Don’t just read about life – participate.
Be your own hero.
Remember – nobody is normal.

Well that it is – I thought there would be more but I realized kids need to figure things out for themselves some.


21 June 2009

7 years ago today my daddy died. Today is Father’s Day.

I miss you more than you could ever know Daddy. Thank you for being the daddy you didn’t have to be. It wasn’t a job you took lightly, I was a scared 7 year old girl the day we met. So many changes in my life. I didn’t know who to trust or what to think. You made a difference in my life and I wouldn’t trade you for the world.

For all of the dirty jokes, late night chats, playing “how do you know that?”, through every argument, every oil change, ..for teaching me how to rebuild an exhaust system, for showing me that you loved me.

Thank you.

Thomas Franklin Gibbs, Jr

July 2, 1943 – June 21, 2002

I will always be Daddy’s Girl.

20 years later

22 May 2009

When you are back in town, all sorts of strange things happen. Like you find out the car you crushed over in high school is still owned and loved by the same guy. That is good to know.

I have had some odd feelings being here. Old memories but no attachment like it is home.

We saw my cousin at the ice cream stand with his boys and their softball team getting after game ice cream and rolled down the window to chat a bit and the four-way stop. Feel so local.

Small town life isn’t bad. But I am glad I am not here every day anymore. With a small town, life comes small minds.

I am glad that I did most of my growing up in Germany and areas where variety was the spice of life, and sometimes to look back and be grateful for what I have now.

To think in high school I was the slacker girl; my “popular” cousin shunned me because I didn’t do or say the right things — they are still here and never got very far away from their beginning. My beginning is long behind me, and I am growing and moving forward with every step.  I have my mom and dad to thank for that. Mostly Mamma for seeing that this was no place to raise a child. = )


18 April 2009

My Aunt Mary and Grandma Puttick used to say “pish” all of the time. When I use it, most of the time I have to either get out a dictionary to prove that it is a word or listen to some arse say that it isn’t a word.

Like taking elocution lessons from a guy named Bubba in his beat all to hell ford truck is on my list of things to do. Not.

Tonight I watched a favorite entertainer. Billy Connolly – comic, musician, Highlander, SCOT! He says PISH.


It is funny how many words I have grown up with that everyone in our family knows what they mean and we have our own way of communicating but outside of that twisted and evil circle we need a Corrupt to English dictionary.

One day I will live some place where their language is magic – where it is not a homogonized glob of politically correct nonsense. Words will have meanings and the people who use them will mean what they say.

It’ll be a grand day to be sure.

dream a little dream

10 April 2009

I have the strangest dreams. I don’t try to over analyze them. Hell, I don’t even try to analyze them. Some times they make me sad and some times they make me smile. Last night I had a dream that did both.

I am a fangrrl when it comes to Hugh Laurie. I will watch the biggest bit of crap just to see him for a moment. I adore HOUSE but I like the “british” Hugh better. His voice is melodic. I wish I could find some audio books read by him. I would listen to him all day long.

The dream had me filling out some crazy questionnaire in order to sit in on a studio session with Hugh Laurie recording his podcast — (which doesn’t exist btw .. I wish!) in this little one level building on the beach surrounded by large hotels.

With me, Mamma and Daddy. Laurie in front of us at his desk, during the breaks I sat on the floor with my mom and talked about cell phones. She had a pink phone but liked my Instinct. (Which I abhor.) I told her she could have mine when I get a new one. Then I heard my dad ask Laurie if he would like to play Nintendo. It was surreal.

I dream about my parents often. I miss them terribly. It has been 7 years and I don’t know if it will ever get better. I woke up smiling because it was like being there with them talking and they were very much like they were in life. Sad that it wasn’t real – and the only clue that it was a dream was that I was a breath away from Hugh Laurie.