FAMILY … DNA not required

18 October 2008

As most of you know I have long since been a believer in “YOU CAN PICK YOUR FAMILY”. I spend a great deal of time and energy listening to the bullshit and babblings of the crazy white trash that happens to share my family tree.

Well no more. I am kicking those crazy fuckers out of the tree. They can find their own tree- far – FAR away from my tree. I am only letting people in my tree that I give a damn about. So there.

Whining snob bitch who thinks her shit don’t stink and only calls MY HUSBAND when she needs tech support and never speaks to me. Out of the fuckin’ tree.

Lying, thieving drug addict with the mooching live-in son who ignores the dirty diaper his daughter sits in for days and no one does anything about it — out of the tree and take that smelly cow yer son fucks with yah.

Asshole golden boy who gets his way and takes what he wants, ruins it with no apologies — don’t let the branch hit yer ass on the way down.

Dead evil grandmother – don’t want to hear about her anymore. Didn’t want to hear about her when she was still sucking life force from this planet.

How life would be so much better if we would just all stick together. ‘xcuse me precious but I have to go vomit now.

As for step family and in-law family — this applies as well. If you can’t leave the labels alone …
then don’t bother coming up my tree. Family – real family … doesn’t have labels. Either you ARE, or your ARE NOT.

I was not his wife’s daughter from another marriage – I was his DAUGHTER. He thought so and I thought so — so much so that I took his name. One of the greatest gifts I ever could have given him … he told me himself.

Don’t like any of what I am saying then just leave me the hell alone because I am too old to go through life with people I can’t stand or people that don’t like me but “PRETEND FOR THE SAKE OF THE FAMILY”.

New rules — pick your own damned family and be happy.

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