dream a little dream

10 April 2009

I have the strangest dreams. I don’t try to over analyze them. Hell, I don’t even try to analyze them. Some times they make me sad and some times they make me smile. Last night I had a dream that did both.

I am a fangrrl when it comes to Hugh Laurie. I will watch the biggest bit of crap just to see him for a moment. I adore HOUSE but I like the “british” Hugh better. His voice is melodic. I wish I could find some audio books read by him. I would listen to him all day long.

The dream had me filling out some crazy questionnaire in order to sit in on a studio session with Hugh Laurie recording his podcast — (which doesn’t exist btw .. I wish!) in this little one level building on the beach surrounded by large hotels.

With me, Mamma and Daddy. Laurie in front of us at his desk, during the breaks I sat on the floor with my mom and talked about cell phones. She had a pink phone but liked my Instinct. (Which I abhor.) I told her she could have mine when I get a new one. Then I heard my dad ask Laurie if he would like to play Nintendo. It was surreal.

I dream about my parents often. I miss them terribly. It has been 7 years and I don’t know if it will ever get better. I woke up smiling because it was like being there with them talking and they were very much like they were in life. Sad that it wasn’t real – and the only clue that it was a dream was that I was a breath away from Hugh Laurie.

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