18 April 2009

My Aunt Mary and Grandma Puttick used to say “pish” all of the time. When I use it, most of the time I have to either get out a dictionary to prove that it is a word or listen to some arse say that it isn’t a word.

Like taking elocution lessons from a guy named Bubba in his beat all to hell ford truck is on my list of things to do. Not.

Tonight I watched a favorite entertainer. Billy Connolly – comic, musician, Highlander, SCOT! He says PISH.


It is funny how many words I have grown up with that everyone in our family knows what they mean and we have our own way of communicating but outside of that twisted and evil circle we need a Corrupt to English dictionary.

One day I will live some place where their language is magic – where it is not a homogonized glob of politically correct nonsense. Words will have meanings and the people who use them will mean what they say.

It’ll be a grand day to be sure.

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