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DNA not required.

Desiree Wheatley

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30 years ago today I was sitting in a chapel filled with many of my friends. We were all wearing black; there were uncomfortable silences only broken with gentle sobs. They buried my friend that day. I miss you still. *link to El Paso Times – Death in the Desert

I miss you

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Time passes but still not a day goes by that I don’t wish you were still here with me. Thank you for finding me to be your very own Human. I will never be able to put into words what you did for me and how the memories of you carry me through. I miss you Korkabork. I always will.

Sometimes …

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I am really good at cutting people out of my life. My mother taught me to trust my instincts and above all else – respect myself. But, every once in a while I find that twinge of sadness, not really guilt, that these people aren’t in my life anymore. I see something in a shop and I pick it up… Read more »

Ugh part 2

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Himself didn’t speak to his mother until last night. I had already vented on my blog and “somebody” told MIL & FIL about the post. It was taken out of context and in my effort to leave names out of it MIL took it all personally. Now I don’t know what is going on, I am tired of dealing with… Read more »


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DH just got off of the phone with his mom. I should have used italics or quotes or SOMETHING in my last post. But — this is my personal journal and after months, nay years of 1 or 2 clicks on my site a week I don’t think about people seeing it. I even told LK that my last post… Read more »


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Himself spoke to his brother regarding the behavior and comments – it has been weeks but Himself was hoping cooler heads would prevail. BIL continues to say the most hideous things and claims that no one in the family likes us (only my MIL and even then she only tolerates me for Himself). BIL ranted about my WLS and how… Read more »


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I am childfree. No kids by choice. I was sure at age 5 that I never wanted children. At 27 I had my tubes tied, at 31 I had a full hysterectomy. Pushing 38 I am still certain. I came across this blog post that referenced this blog post and I since I thought it was an interesting idea I… Read more »


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7 years ago today my daddy died. Today is Father’s Day. I miss you more than you could ever know Daddy. Thank you for being the daddy you didn’t have to be. It wasn’t a job you took lightly, I was a scared 7 year old girl the day we met. So many changes in my life. I didn’t know… Read more »

20 years later

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When you are back in town, all sorts of strange things happen. Like you find out the car you crushed over in high school is still owned and loved by the same guy. That is good to know. I have had some odd feelings being here. Old memories but no attachment like it is home. We saw my cousin at… Read more »


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My Aunt Mary and Grandma Puttick used to say “pish” all of the time. When I use it, most of the time I have to either get out a dictionary to prove that it is a word or listen to some arse say that it isn’t a word. Like taking elocution lessons from a guy named Bubba in his beat… Read more »