True Enough

22 March 2009

I am learning to slow down and enjoy my own pace.
I am appreciating the people around me more these days.
I can see the effects of gravity on my body, no matter how much I exercise or watch what I eat – aging is upon me.
The lines on my face are indicative of my life story, and I am learning to appreciate them.
I am listening more to my “inner voices”, rather than taking care of everyone else.
As I mature, I seem to be gaining a sense of inner peace.
I am moving away from frantically meeting others’ expectations and developing my own priorities.
My intimate relationships are complicated and changing.
I am wondering whether all of what I am involved in makes sense.

I found this somewhere online – I saved it — I came across it again today. I am trying to live for me and keep away from feeling sorry for myself because of all of the things my health prevents me from doing and look toward the things I can still do.

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