Memories of Vaughn’s Mill Road

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moonlight beams over mountain tops the changing color of the leaves a faint Autumn breeze haunts the valley and her creatures it is not only the leaves that change every year I become a child again fireplaces burning throughout the cold nights evening stars shining a blanket over our nocturnal souls –LGK2002 I wrote this after my parents passed away… Read more »

From this moment …

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We are getting ready to embark on the road trip of a lifetime this morning and I find this tidbit in my email —   LOUP, what wouldn’t you give to live, love, and be happy, deliriously happy, forevermore? Well, that’s just it, you needn’t give anything, LOUP. Just decide to live, love, and be happy, deliriously happy, from this… Read more »

namaste, asshole

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Out and about yesterday, Michael spotted a pro-wolves bumper sticker. This always excites me to see others who love wolves and such. As we got closer, we saw several enlightened stickers. The last one I saw before the driver flicked his cigarette butt out of his window said, “What difference do you make?” with a lovely image of Earth. I… Read more »


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This morning I found a wounded mouse in the trap set by the water lines running into the RV. I didn’t think it right for it to suffer, so I killed it. I said I was sorry as I cried – I hate having to do any think like that. Later I made breakfast for us — I was sitting… Read more »


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A friend of mine called today. Her grandfather was told he has lung cancer, they have basically sent him home to die. She is heading out in a few days to see him. It is going to be hard on her I am sure. Just talking to her brings back a rush of memories. Some of them good, some of… Read more »