James Blunt Saved My Life

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Well, sort of; one day in 2006 while hugging and swaying to the music “You’re Beautiful” came on and Michael and I were singing the lyrics together.  He was singing “You’re Beautiful,” and I was singing  the parody “My Cubicle.”  We laughed.

In the Summer of 2013, during a significant depressive episode, brought on by stress and more stress and I wanted to die.  I was sitting on the bed looking at a bottle of Rx — I took some out and let them roll about in my palm.  I was too tired to fight the demons anymore. I  wanted the pain to stop. I wanted quiet.

Then “You’re Beautiful” came on the radio.  A flashback to that moment where Michael and I sang, laughed and hugged.  I wanted more of THAT. I wasn’t ready to give up on THAT. I put the pills back into the bottle and curled up into a ball and cried as I rocked myself.


James Blunt

Jump to 4 Aug 2017

We went to see Ed Sheeran / James Blunt at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV

Andee and I went to get a t-shirt and beverage.  I saw a sign that James Blunt would be doing a meet and greet.  We went back and told the gang that we were going to meet James Blunt.  Michael laughed and said you aren’t going to meet him.  I said matter of factly – I am and when I do I am going to get his autograph.

We were standing in line telling Andee the whys and hows, and the tears started rolling, emotions of that day in 2017 washed over me, all that I have survived – all that I didn’t miss. Well, I met James Blunt.

I leaned in and told him that his music got me through some very tough times.  He said I was sweet and hugged me.

I got his autograph – on my arm, and as soon as I got out of line with my sharpie autograph, I called my tattoo guy and made an appointment to have it made permanent. A silly thing to do, but it was MY silly thing.

The next day I went into the shop and explained to Moe WHY it meant so much to me. He teared up, I teared up. Michael wrote “you’re beautiful” on a piece of paper and Moe inked both on my arm. The signature looks more like a math problem, but I know what it means to me.