Ugh part 2

22 September 2013

Himself didn’t speak to his mother until last night. I had already vented on my blog and “somebody” told MIL & FIL about the post. It was taken out of context and in my effort to leave names out of it MIL took it all personally. Now I don’t know what is going on, I am tired of dealing with it. I really don’t want anything to do with his family. There is just no real connection there, it is like trying to hang out with strangers because you enjoy the same song or like the color blue. Aside from the past behavior that I can’t seem to really let go – I don’t know I am just too old to worry about other people that don’t seem to genuinely care for me. It seems simple, but it rarely is. Try as I might to let it all go the comments and past jabs over the last 15 years have just left me blank. I am not angry anymore – and life is better once you accept that you are never going to get the apology that you should have gotten. I have told Himself that he can go visit anytime he likes but he says we are a package deal.

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