23 September 2010

I am childfree. No kids by choice. I was sure at age 5 that I never wanted children. At 27 I had my tubes tied, at 31 I had a full hysterectomy. Pushing 38 I am still certain.

I came across this blog post that referenced this blog post and I since I thought it was an interesting idea I decided to offer up my advice.

So here is my advice for a child I will never have.

Don’t rely too much on your parents or friends, they won’t always be there.
Love with all of your heart – you will get hurt along the way but you will live.
Be kind to animals.
Nice matters.
Boys, open doors for women. Girls, let them.
Pursue you happiness with reckless abandon.
Step outside of your comfort zone.
Don’t just read about life – participate.
Be your own hero.
Remember – nobody is normal.

Well that it is – I thought there would be more but I realized kids need to figure things out for themselves some.

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