14 September 2013

Himself spoke to his brother regarding the behavior and comments – it has been weeks but Himself was hoping cooler heads would prevail. BIL continues to say the most hideous things and claims that no one in the family likes us (only my MIL and even then she only tolerates me for Himself). BIL ranted about my WLS and how no one should be proud of me (never asked anyone to be proud of me) for losing weight. He ranted on how we HATE children, we always have to be right and no one else matters. BIL is a small minded twit so full of rage that I am afraid for him. Mostly, I am sad for Himself. I feel very protective of him and this is a hard lesson to learn. Family doesn’t equal LOVE and RESPECT. I am furious that they continue to do this to him.

I do think that Himself should jump on this and clarify with MIL. But whatever happens, happens.

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