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Self-Care Sunday – Tree of Life

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Self-Care Sunday – The Tree of Life I like to create stuff. I don’t know that I am any good at it, but I enjoy it, so there is that benefit. After my therapist suggested this activity The Tree of Life, my first thought after seeing the examples was this could be a great art therapy option. I used different… Read more »


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Be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given to you because you would not be able to live them now. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will… Read more »

Entertain Me

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It must be a pain in the arse to be an actor; putting in your best effort on a project, and then your hard work ends up being edited beyond recognition. Of course, after being snipped and jostled about by every other hand after your part is complete, it must be your fault for the piece of utter shite that… Read more »


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Do you remember back in the day when the power grid would go down for hours during a storm? Nothing to do but light a candle and wait it out. I remember playing card games, having a conversation with my family and friends. Sit and read by candlelight and just enjoying the silence of the house I miss those days.

you are not

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you are not what others think of you you are what you think of you


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“In facing our shattered life stories, we must reach deep inside our pain — for it is here that we can break our silence and find our new voice.” ― Sandra Marinella, The Story You Need To Tell

Visible Light

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According to scientists, humans can only see about 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum. That leaves 99.9965% that we can’t see. There is so much to this Universe that we can’t see, and don’t yet understand.

we are the world

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If you focus only on how we are different from one another, you miss all of the things we share we all want to be safe we all deserve kindness and respect we want the chance to pursue our happiness we laugh we cry we bleed we are human NAZI LIVES DON’T MATTER RACISM IS ALIVE AND WELL As humans,… Read more »


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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they no longer worry about the little things. For some, it arrives with fanfare and a bright silvery bell ringing in their head; for others it is gradual, and in one quiet moment you see it. You understand. Life is too short to waste your energy, your time on things that do… Read more »

a line in the sand

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I heard him say “grab them by the pussy” and I thought – well that is over. We won’t hear from him anymore. Then I saw him stalk Hillary on the stage like the bully predator he is and I thought – well now it is over. Then I woke up the morning after and Michael told me that he… Read more »