we are the world

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If you focus only on how we are different from one another, you miss all of the things we share

we all want to be safe
we all deserve kindness and respect
we want the chance to pursue our happiness
we laugh we cry we bleed
we are human


As humans, we all want to be safe, and we want to keep our families safe, protect them from the invasion of invisible lines, borders, and barriers, this is the kind of fear built civilizations..

Now you want to build a wall, spending billions to put up something costly, ineffective, and ugly in more ways than one. The harsh reality is we need to spend that money on infrastructure, roads, schools, healthcare, and taking care of this planet.

I know you, living check to check, working multiple jobs and still coming up short. While the companies you work for enjoy tax breaks and profits through the roof. While their new hire packets have forms for welfare and food stamps, what is wrong with THAT?

Terrified that tax dollars are helping the people you think are unfit and don’t deserve assistance. Taxes – just as they have been for millennia is going to keep the corrupted in charge & well fed.
Timeless stories like Robin Hood have told and retold this tale.
You don’t want to track down the truth; there is always some 4 second sound bite that you believe tells you the whole story or worse is a FACT. Willfully ignorant is no way to be.