Be Kind

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I know now I can get started and take one step at a time. It’s OK that everything doesn’t pour out of me perfectly on the first draft. I’m ready to access and acknowledge my own experiences more openly than before.
– Unknown

I am reminding myself that small steps forward are still in the right direction.

We cannot escape suffering. There is pain among all of us. The key to survival is to acknowledge the pain and find a way through it. You can’t always stop the pain. You can’t always make others understand that emotional trauma is just as severe and as real as physical trauma. Pain is subjective. When a person shows you that they don’t believe your pain is valid, don’t believe them.

You must experience your pain. Embrace your silence and when the time feels right, find your way back to your words – and write.

Pausing to experience it entirely is not wrong; you have to work through things at your own pace.

Be kind to yourself.