Does Life Suck?

15 August 2003

I recently read in some dark corner of the internet that the only
reason one would keep an online journal would be to complain about the
hell that is their life. I don’t know that I believe that. My life
isn’t all that bad. If you stand back and look at it my life is
actually kind of nice. I rant a lot but not about anything that
controls my happy / sad factor. Just annoying things. I don’t know why
I bother really except just to get it off of my mind. Rant a bit then
forget it. I have a wonderful person in my life who adores me and
spoils me rotten. I have 2 fantastic dogs that could not be better at
being cute if they tried and all of the toys and gadgets a girl needs.
And to the dark corner of the net I say … you can so blog and be
happy … so there.

the fall of techtv

10 June 2003

the fall of techtv … I wonder just how many geekgrrls are implants on
legs in real life? I think that chick with her suggestion of as her siteorama pick as a cool geekie site suggestion
threw me into a tail spin, Martin’s sidekick just took me over the
edge…. I wonder what she does with her tits when she is off the air.
Where do they find these women? Obviously not at computer shows. = )
What bothers me the most is that the men look like real men. Slacker
hair and all. These women look like they were living in LA waiting on
their big break when techtv came calling. Probably use AOL too. It
should be said that I have been watching TechTV since way back in the
day- when it was ZDTV and they had real geeks on there. No 30 year old
reruns of crappy shows and battle bot spinoffs. I am just really tired
of the men getting all of the cool geek heros on that channel and the
women getting stuck with ditzy bimbos who think that changing the
background color on your desktop is a tip we all are sitting about
holding our breath for. CLUE: if you didn’t know how to change your bg
color you are NOT geekie … just sad.
I wish there were female versions of Leo, Patrick, Yoshi and Kevin is
all. And for the love of all that is geeky get a fucking Linux show on
that damned channel before my beloved hubby snaps into some sort of
coma like depression!!!