getting started

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I thought having this set up would inspire me to write more. So far it
hasn’t — the rants and thoughts and ideas are still trapped the dark
maze that is my brain. I was standing in the shower this evening, for
the second time today — damn this sweaty weather — thinking. I think
about everything in the shower. I need to find those soap crayons so I
can take notes. Some of my best thoughts are when I am naked and wet. I
guess there isn’t much for this situation other than to just write.
After all a writer writes — isn’t that what they say. I doubt there is
little interest out here for what I have to say but then again I never
did anything because I hoped someone would care enough to show
interest. I guess if you are reading this and you are interested —
thanks and stay tuned, if you aren’t then look out because I think the
dam is about to burst. It won’t be pretty … honesty never is.