Shiv a Bitch

4 May 2010

A few months ago when Vicious and BW were down for a visit “Shiv A Bitch” was brought up. Now I have said “Cut a Bitch” for years but SHIV is so much more … visceral. Has that touch of rough and tumble high jinx that you can only find in prison. Cut a Bitch could happen almost anywhere – I’ve wanted to cut bitches at the local SquallMart but shiv a bitch … now that shit is saved for special occasions. After all you can cut with almost any sharp implement but to SHIV properly you need some dirty ass plastic spork gone rogue. There is much more effort and much more risk involved in shivving a bitch.

We talked about getting a whole website up — but I think for now just a new category will do.

So randomly or weekly I will be bringing to you bitches that need shivvin’ … enjoy.

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