I Am

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People are too complicated to have simple labels. – Philip Pullman

I’m not too fond of labels. I think I am much more complex than a tag or denomination. I am more valuable than any sign you can hang at my door.

I am not more or less than anyone else because of these labels, so it shouldn’t matter. But, every day, people want to put a sign on you, pack you away in a neat box, and slap a sticker on it. This person is religious; that person is vegan. She is tattooed; he is a father.

“So, what are you – Atheist?”

“You don’t LOOK handicapped!”

If you want to have a conversation with me and discuss ideas and beliefs – hit me up. I’m game. But if you want the rundown of what it takes to be me — read this and save your breath next time we meet.

I am flawed, beautiful, and kind. I am human.