Cancer Sucks

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Well I am out in NM once again — this time for good I think. Dad was diagnosed last week with terminal metastatic bladder cancer. Stage 4. I think he has been sick a long time. I can remember before LKs last deployment (well over a year ago) I told him that dad looked like he was just full of cancer. I guess I knew more than I thought. I hate it when I am right. He is taking it well. I am sure he has known a long time as well. I just can’t understand how it went undetected for SO LONG and the VA in NM picked it up on his routine transfer physical. Fucking VA doctors in Virginia didn’t want to bother with him I guess. What can I expect — I mean these are the same people that LOSE living patients and find them dead on the property weeks later. LK has to head back in few days then I will be here all alone. The hospice has been great and dad’s brothers are coming out. But they probably won’t stay long. I just hope I can continue to be strong for daddy. He deserves it.