Comments Off on Animals

I live in an area where animals are treated with very little concern by most. They are property, they are tools, they are food. My thoughts on this one … those people are small minded assholes. Treating animals poorly simply because you CAN denotes a lack of self-respect. The same people who think it is okay to beat someone nearly to death because they are different and because they can. Gotta love those kinda people. I work with a rescue and we get all kinds of people who think they are good, decent people trying to dump their animals off on us. Reasons I’ve heard for having to get rid of pets: “he barks, he digs, he isn’t housebroken, he sheds, she got pregnant, she is too old, she chases the cat, she won’t stay in my unfenced yard, the kids wanted him but they don’t take care of him, she is my husbands dog and he’s out to sea (big excuse in the navy apparently), we got a new puppy, he got so big, I’m going to have a baybee.” For all of you morons who got any animal without doing a little research on what it takes to have animals in your life. Get together with the gold-diggin’ girlfriends from above rant and jump off the bridge together. You are NOT a NICE person if you abandon your animal. No they won’t make it in the woods, no a nice person won’t save it and take it home, no they won’t find a great family in the shelter, they will most likely DIE. And die they will – a horrible death. Starve to death, hit by vehicle, poisoned, killed by wild animals, confused and scared in a strange shelter surrounded by cold metal and noises they don’t understand while they wait their turn to die. Yeah go ahead and lie to yourself, you did the right thing. Fucking loser. Don’t even begin to think anyone who has half of a clue feels sorry for you either. I don’t. I hate you and people like you. Ask anyone who has been in rescue. You’re not good people, not by a long shot.