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I fight with several chronic issues that I sometimes discuss at length .. fibromyalgia, headaches, arthritis – you get the idea. I am living “AS WELL AS POSSIBLE” with *nods to


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I suppose being normal is overrated anyway. Or maybe that is just something abnormal people say to make themselves feel better about not being normal. I don’t feel normal. Some of the time I just don’t think about how far away from the herd I am and I just live day to day and then there are times that it… Read more »

party of one

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I picked up “Party of One: A Loners’ Manifesto” at the library this week by Anneli Rufus. It is very interesting and I never considered myself a “loner” before. I just hate people. I am only a few pages into this adventure and already I am beginning to believe I have been a loner all along. I don’t like crowds… Read more »


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Today is my dad’s 60th birthday. A few years ago my mom and I talked about throwing him a big party. We were going to go all out for it. It isn’t every day your dad turns 60 after all right? I sure do miss him. I have been thinking about mom and dad a lot this week. I don’t… Read more »