I Might Be High

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Off and on over the years, I have partaken in the Devil’s Lettuce. It was always an option in most parts of life around me if only I’d ask. As a kid, the first movie I remember seeing in a theater – was a drive-in showing of UP IN SMOKE. Did I get all of the humor? No. But to this day the thought of Cheech/Pedro in a pink tutu singing makes me smile. – “Mamma’s talkin’ to me trynna tell me how to live!!”

Fast forward to now, after years of using marijuana daily for pain management, I can tell you I will never willingly live in a place where I don’t have the option to use marijuana legally. After seeing first hand the positive effect it has had on me with all of my medical issues, it is not an option.
How it tackles my day to day pain, break-throughs and flares is nothing short of amazing.

During the first year or so, I was reticent about my usage. It was barely legal for medical uses, and the stoner stigma was still a negative thing. I certainly never thought I would ever be openly consuming WEED in front of the world. Now, I am an advocate and ally for the sticky icky. In being more open, I have gotten rude comments, high-fives, questions, disbelief, and a little bit of everything.

The one reaction I get that fascinates me the most is the “been there, done that, hated it” all-stop reaction. I never really got it, because trying it once and not liking it – it isn’t a one and done kind of thing, is it? Cannabis is like your favorite adult beverage (without the liver failure). I love bourbon, but not all bourbons. You may enjoy white wine, but red wine gives you a headache.

Having a medical history like mine prepared me for knowing this was a treatment just like anything else – go through it all and find out what helps. In the beginning, I bought a Goldleaf Patient Journal and I kept track of strains, products, consumption, and dosages. I zeroed in on what worked for me, and I stick to it. I keep a few options on hand at all times, a specific strain that helps me relax, a tincture that helps with pain, an edible that gives me all-day relief.

I won’t lie; there are some non-medical benefits to cannabis. I have found that music is more intricate, and I can discern instruments easier. I find the NOISE in my head quiets down, and I can relax and enjoy things like movies and books. There is a recreational component to it, so don’t feel guilty when you find yourself enjoying the high.

If you are interested in learning more and want to ask me questions, I’m here. If you’re going to do more research, I recommend the sites below.

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It isn’t lost on me the injustice that I can have weed delivered to my front door – LEGALLY, and there are still people in prison for possession.

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