Growth Is Never Easy

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Like a chick fighting to break free of the egg, a seedling breaking through the earth – growth is never easy, and sometimes it is downright ugly, but it is the only healthy option for anything. You can’t sit on what was, you can’t plan for what will be, but you can learn from the past and put those lessons toward your future.

I think that now is a good time for people to put things into perspective how governments and industries treat the human race, where the WANTS of a few currently outweighing the NEEDS of many, and it has got to change. I hope that something good can come from this pandemic. Now, entire economies are failing, and there are millions of people that are in harm’s way. I hope that the willfully ignorant will finally accept what is going on, and we can all make the positive changes to grow and get through this.

We seem to be finding out what is valuable and what has meaning. There is some severe struggle right now, and we may never know the complete story of the devastating implications of this pandemic. But, there is hope. At least I think there is.

I hope we can begin to empathize with others. We put aside frivolity, and we stop TRUSTING people and leaders based solely on their fame and bank account; a bit less of the bickering amongst each other and a bit more pulling together as a society doesn’t seem like a big ask.

I can’t change anyone, but I am holding out hope that people start to see this as a wake-up call. That reality television and over-priced trinkets and nonsense will no longer matter, and the care and love we are showing to each other do not fade when things start to get to whatever our new normal is.

Remember, we are all on a rock hurtling through space. We are alive for a tiny blip in the scheme of things, and the meaning of life is to love and take care of yourself and others.