Welcome, Step Inside

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Some of you have been here before over the years and while I have never been one to hide my thoughts or feelings, I’ve also never really just let it all hang out. After several years of therapy and working hard to figure out some heavy shit, I thought that it is time to be honest. I am no longer going to hold my story in for fear it will hurt someone that hurt me. I am guilty of protecting others that I cared about with no regard for how much it was affecting me. That has to stop. I have learned that I can’t protect anyone but myself, and keeping it all inside is not only making it more painful for me, but it is also victim-blaming. I am not responsible for the shitty behavior of others; I am responsible for how I let it affect me.

Letter writing can be an effective way of communication. It helps you discover what you are feeling, thinking, and share ideas. I hope that by sharing my adventure, I can help myself heal and maybe help others along the way. These are the letters to myself. Dear Lehnanne.

* I am not a medical professional, hell, I am not even an amateur, and I am in NO WAY giving advice, medical or otherwise, to anyone.