Case of the Mondays

16 September 2013

I had an RFAx3 this morning with my lovely pain doc at UNC. She is amazing. Went in feeling awful pain – on a mortal scale a #8 *grins* – left with zero pain. I am itching a bit and during the procedure I became very tearful and emotional. Maybe the Fentanyl, maybe the squabbling sibling nonsense. Dunno. Himself is prepping the rig, it is currently a cluttered mess and it makes me a little frantic, but I am trying not to nap. I am sure everything will find a place. I do hope that he calls his mother soon. I do NOT want to waste the fuel on a trip to KY if we are not wanted. There ARE people who love us that we don’t see enough of and I would rather put more into THOSE relationships instead of trying to salvage something for nothing. I have no patience anymore for this kind of bullshit nicety – dislike me or not – but don’t try to pretend, just be real about it. Save us both the effort.

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