Less is More

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Rome is burning, but the truth is, I’ve never really cared about Rome. The status quo of western civilizations. Colonization, the theft of history, and the denial of fundamental human rights. I know and accept that we can’t all live in harmony because humans are not a harmonious lot.

We rape, pillage, and take more than we need. Waste what we don’t use and treat this rock and everything on it as if we are some spoiled child — a tyrannical emperor with little to no regard for the implications of our actions.

Humans are not a kind species, and until we make a change to be kinder, history will repeat itself over and over. There is nothing we can do that will the sensibilities of man. We can only change ourselves.

I want to be kind. I want to laugh more and not that nervous “Oh, Shit! We are going down on this fucking Oompa-Loopahs ship, the “Trumptanic.”

I want to help and comfort others, I want to smell more puppy breath, and I want fewer TWEETERS and more TEACHERS.

I wish for the end of suffering. I want more lilacs and butterflies.

At the same time, I want less.

I want fewer walls and more bridges.

I want less drama, less reality television. I want fewer tyrants and less suffering, and I believe that less is not too much to ask.

Until then, hug each other, do at least one act of kindness a day. Be fierce, be bold, and be WEIRD.