13 July 2012

I’d like to say I am evolved enough that the numbers don’t affect me. I know that I went through weight loss surgery for more reasons than getting my BMI to an acceptable number. Even though I think the BMI is complete bullshit. I could tell you that my brain doesn’t squeal with delight when I walk by the plus sizes into the juniors to clothes shop. And as hard as I try to let go of the numbers – they still shock me.

1 March 2011 I weighed 170lbs more than I do today.
I have lost 2 shoe sizes, 6 ring sizes; gone from a size 30 pants to an 8.
I have lost 8 inches on my chest and 2 bra cup sizes.

I know this isn’t permanent. I know it isn’t a fixed result. I have to work at this every damned day for the rest of my life. It is a battle of choices … making the right ones. Getting my protein in, keeping my carbs low, fluids, vitamins … forever.

But when I throw my legs over my head and strike the Halasana pose it is worth it.

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