Home Sweet Home

7 February 2016

Hi all – just an update to let you know I am HOME. I was released from hospital yesterday. I wanted to thank everyone for the cards, flowers and thoughtful gifts. It was a rough week to be away from my babies and Michael. I had the best room in the hospital. No joke, it was a suite and every staff member that came commented on it. I had a fridge, a view of Dallas skyline, ROOM SERVICE style meals instead of a plate of whatever / whenever. I think I gained 5 lbs. None of that would have mattered if the nurses and staff were not STELLAR.
If you need anything and you are in the Plano Texas area — The Medical Center of Plano should be your go to.

The staff at ER at Burleson also impressed the hell out of me. Was in and out in record time for ER and Dr. Singhal was quick to get me to a hand surgeon. Not only did he get me to a hand surgeon – I feel like he got me the BEST. Dr. Steven Clark was AMAZING. He explained everything, sometimes twice thanks to pain meds. I have regained much of the use of my middle finger. But, those who know me know that if I HAD to lose the ability to bend any finger — the MIDDLE FINGER is the one.

I can’t thank David & Brenda Bott enough for taking such good care of my babies while Michael sat with me in the hospital. You guys are the best!

If you want to see pictures, leave a comment. I will get Michael to post some album or something. I don’t want to see them — Dr. Clark used words like FILET THE FINGER … I don’t need to see that.

Love to you all!! Now I am of going to have a CUPPA and binge on some Scandal!!

Chocolate Bread

27 January 2016

I tried this easy recipe for Almond Butter Bread recently and it was a bit dry for me and a little bland. However, I thought it would make a great fixer upper.

I picked up some MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Almond Spread and made another batch.

It is as good as any chocolate cake I’ve ever made. Not too sweet and moist enough to hold together.

Thanks to John & Miriam for sharing the original recipe with me.


Albuquerque, NM

1 September 2015

Just like last years trek to Las Vegas we stopped in at American RV Park for a week. It is one of our favorite stops. The park is clean and very nice. Great views and even though you are right off the interstate road noise is minimal.

Last year Michael had a bit of trouble adjusting to the elevation, this year it was my turn. Thankfully, the Sports Authority carries Boost Oxygen. This is the second time it has saved us in Albuquerque so we’ve decided to just keep it on hand. After a few deep breaths my headache subsided and I didn’t feel like I couldn’t catch my breath. A good thing about them as well is that they donate to the Wounded Warrior Project – as an Army Brat / Navy Wife — this means a lot to me.

It rained quite a bit while we were there which was nice for cloud gazing, bad that we once again did not take the tram to the top of Sandia Crest. =( But we managed to snag some delicious noms at Rad(ish) downtown. I had Lasag”NAW” with Eggplant “noodles” — it was amazing. And don’t even get me started on the Cuppycakes. I made a stop in at New Mexico Tea Company where I managed to restrain myself. I am a tea addict and a wall of speciality teas hand blended was almost too much of a temptation. Not to mention the beautiful artwork on the labels. I did manage to find some lovely ginger black tea that is my new morning favorite.

Since Michael was on the clock for his day gig we didn’t get out and do too much but we managed to snag some delicious eats and make new friends and that is really what it is all about.

We are now back in Las Vegas and spending time with loved ones — Cinder had her appointment with our regular vet, Dr. G at Legacy Animal Hospital, and other than the wobbles thanks to her long dachshund body and spine issues she is healthy. Since I can relate to spine woes we are extra sensitive to her needs and have purchased her a stroller so we can still walk the pups but don’t have to worry about over exerting her trying to wear Dexter out. Yes, we have become THOSE PET PEOPLE. Anything for the babies.


25 August 2015

We spent 2 weeks in Oklahoma City. It is a nice stopping point and we have a lovely friend (Hi Brittany!!) there. The weather was fine – random thunderstorms but otherwise good.

We had some delicious meals. Got some shopping done at the Outlets … Le Creuset!! Cinder made a trip to the ER – scary stuff but she appears to be on the mend.  We have a follow-up appointment with our regular vet in Las Vegas. The other good thing was that we managed to get a lot of stuff put away and organized. We plan on doing a video soon of the “lived in” version of our coach.

There are some things that I wish were different but they are all minor and fixable. It is just a bit annoying that you spend so much money on something like this and the engineers and designers don’t think of it. I don’t think people who make motorhomes have ever FULL TIMED in one. Ah the price we pay for being Outliers and Fringe Folk. =)

I did make it to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum while Michael had to work – not really his thing anyhow. =) It was very nice inside and seeing “End of the Trail” stand 7.5 meter from base to top was very impressive. There also was a lot of artwork and a large walk through look at the life of cowboys. Well worth the price of admission. The gift shop was stunning. A lot of hand made crafts – I wanted to buy one of everything but living on the road, I settled for a smashed penny as my take away treat.

Best dessert in OKC was at Whiskey Cake Kitchen, best meal was at Republic Gastropub.

We stayed at Twin Fountains RV Park.  Since we initially wanted to stay for a month – they crammed us back in a corner on the perimeter of the park (our awning was a mere 4″ from the neighbor’s RV). The site was nestled into the exit off the interstate with little in the way of sound barrier.  You could literally walk 50 ft and be at the highway. There was a sad “dog park” that was filled with red ant mounds and a sink hole. It was fenced but it was closer to the interstate than our rig.  The rest of the park looked much nicer, but is reserved for daily/weekly rate travelers. The other thing that may be a deal breaker for some is that while the base pad for the sites were somewhat level — the entry/exit on many of them are quite sloped. We didn’t partake in any of the on site amenities and as always YMMV; this was just our experience.  Due to unforeseen external forces, we only ended up staying for 2 weeks instead of the full month.

Lastly and most importantly — so many thanks to Blue Pearl Emergency Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Whitesell for taking great care of Cinder and helping us get her back on her albeit wobbling feet.

St Louis, MO

13 August 2015

After Bardstown we pushed on to St Louis. Planned on staying a month in the area but a sucky internet connection and lack of RV options for big rigs in the area forced us to move along. We stayed at Red Barn Rendezvous again – the first time was in April 2010 with our 40′ fifth wheel — the trees were smaller and the park was empty then. This time the branches were hanging over the lanes and it was crowded with straggling toweds parked this way and that – making maneuvering the park a bit tense. Internet service was almost non-existent for both AT&T and Verizon. Road noise from 55 wasn’t bad and there was plenty to do in St Louis.

We don’t get to see them often enough but our interweb BFFs live in St Louis and they showed us an amazing time. Cramming a months worth of fine dining into a week. I am still full.

Our first night there they threw us a party at their home — Kerri is a fabulous chef and she cooked us nommy food. They invited their friends — who became our friends instantly. Molly the dog presided over the whole affair while Duncan the cat watched cautiously from his window perch.

Kerri and I shopped and she took me site seeing. Then came the dining out. St Louis – you are an amazing city and I can’t wait to return.

The eats:

Balabans – well worth the drive to the far west side of town. The food was amazing from start to finish. The presentation, the serving sizes — it was all amazing. Even without being a wine drinker I was impressed. Tho’ the wine selection is nothing short of fabulous. If you can only have one thing from the menu – make it dessert.

Bailey’s Range – groovy burger and shakes place downtown. Lunch time crowd made for slow service but that is to be expected when you are packed to capacity. Fresh mayo with delicious fries was the highlight. Burger was astounding. Quinoa salad was SWEET not savory and not my style at all. Kitschy joint.

Small Batch – this place was my kind of joint. Lots of bourbon and delicious food. Lionel was great and took care of us. It was too hot to sit outside but the large windows gave us a nice view.

Ices Plain & Fancy – this was my favorite. Twice in one day. Is it ice cream? Is it a science fair project? It’s both!! Delicious creamy ice cream made to order in front of your eyes in a few minutes with the help of LIQUID NITROGEN. Not only all Bill Nye the Science guy but TASTY AF!! They had a savory flavor of the day — Salted Caramelized Peach with goat cheese. So full of win.

If you are camping and need groceries — check out Dierberg’s and Fields Foods. Also — coming soon .. IKEA.

I already miss Kerri and Brad but we’ll be back.