18 July 2001

I spoke to soon. Since the Ship Arrival line was updated on Monday time has just crawled by. Up until now it was zipping by before I could even realize it. I should have kept my mouth shut, huh. I have been busy trying to get the house cleaned and all of LK’s favorites back into the house so it feels more like his home too. Being gone for 6 months then coming home to your “wife’s house” can’t be a good thing. So I went out and got his favorite foods and such. I am going to finish up the laundry and everything so all either of us has to concentrate on is relaxing … *smiles*

Friday the 13th

13 July 2001

Happy Friday the 13th!!! I had a good day at the doctors. It seems I am going to get the tubal .. I have to wait the standard window of 4 weeks … the just in case you change your mind time frame and to allow all of the tests they ran today to come back!! Woo WOO!!! We are down to single digits on the countdown too!! YAY for me!

Weekend in Floyd

10 July 2001

Well all as the days are zipping right by I thought I would update you. I am at Mom and Daddy’s for a few days … even with the day to day activities I am still going bonkers trying to make time pass. So I thought I quick road trip to the mountains would be in order. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. I wish I could take the peace and quiet and the beauty of the mountains back with me.

Wolf Kisses

6 March 2001

I finally got to visit Wolf Park in Battle Ground, Indiana. There are almost no words that could describe it. It was amazing. Meeting Monty, the walk around the place, Orca kisses.

If you get a chance I recommend the visit, just try to go on a warm day … it was probably around 15 below with the wind chill factor the day I went. I wanted to thank my Aunt Pat and Uncle John for sharing the day with me and special thanks to Monty Sloan for the tour and big hugs thanks and kissies to Orca … = ) I only regret that LK was out to sea and he missed it .. but we will return!!