Thanks for Noticing…

20 October 2017

You may have noticed my absence on some “social” media services.

I gave up on facebook – the algorithms just didn’t do anything for me. I felt like I was back in 1997 on Geocities having to click on individual pages to catch up with the people I knew. Even after using Social Fixer, HT to Cheryl for that, it was a hot mess, and I grew to hate FB more than before. It had become a time suck of posts from weeks before showing up on my “Most Recent” feed. The ads and the filler posts “so and so liked this article” – “so and so checked in here” – that is great for them but post that shit on their wall, not mine. I wanted more content and less filler.

So, here I am; back at the blog, Pinterest, and for now – Instagram. But I’m betting FB will ruin that too.

Here is my most recent incarnation of the blog. You will find both journal style writing and single pages on different rambles that mean something to me.  I make no apologies for how I live my life because after all, I am the ONLY one I have to blame at the end of the day for how I sleep at night.

Love, with lots more to come so just give a girl some patience.


1 January 2014

This is my personal blog – it is a hobby, a journal of my thoughts, ideas, failures and victories. My life in bits and bytes.

Two things you should know
1) if you offend easily – leave now
2) I will not censor myself to make you feel comfortable

I have been online with a website since 1995. “Blogging” in straight HTML since 1998. I have also used Xanga, Blogger, Movable Type, Grey Matter and WordPress.

I enjoy the Internet. It is easy to keep up with loved ones. Meet new people – I even met Himself online in 1998. =)

This blog has no theme, this is not a niche blog. I can and will post about whatever affects me and mine. That means anything: travel, health, my dogs, love, minimalist living, hockey, food, my latest pedicure to movie reviews. And while I enjoy comments and hearing from the readers, please know that bitchy comments about how this site sucks or I swear too fucking much will be ignored.

On the road again

29 August 2013

at least part time.


Part of our retirement plan is to full time again. So we bought a 2011 Four Winds Class A … we’ll be using this blog for journaling on road and in camp adventures.


Happy Travelling!


24 July 2013

This morning I decided to get back into putting my thoughts down again — so I will be reworking this site a little. Just gotta get it going … bear with. =)

More Irons

9 February 2010

So a while back I took a lot of extra irons out of the fire and things calmed down quite a bit. It helped my stress and anxiety … so here I am in phase 2. I think it is time to pull the wandering and less than useful tools out of my computer time fire. I have a blog already … here. There is no point in my trying out all kinds of forums … it only adds to the insanity. I am gonna step back at first and see what happens – then delete excess accounts. This blog will always be here so if you want to really keep in touch, this is the best way for it.

I’ve just had one too many Facebook format changes and while I am grateful to FB for catching up with old friends I just don’t want to have to relearn how to use their site 3 times a year. It isn’t that the people aren’t that important to me, it just about my lack of energy and interest in playing drama games with facebook. I have always said – if it ain’t broke … but someone at facebook decides that breaking and new layouts and making people step out of their comfort zone is fun. Well that ain’t me.

So until later … Love y’all