1 March 2018

March is Caffeine Awareness Month. While the month is supposed to be dissecting the travesty that is CAFFEINE.

I get that you don’t want toddlers jacked up on energy drank! However, according to, I am likely to consume more caffeine than the majority of the population. I didn’t need genetic testing to know that, but hey: science is cool.

When I was a girl, my Aunt Mary taught me how to drink proper Irish tea – a potent brew with milk and sugar, these days I use erythritol or monk fruit to sweeten and heavy cream – because yanno FAT IS GOOD.

My goto morning cuppa is Republic of Tea’s HiCAF Breakfast blend. I don’t get jitters, and it is a lovely tasting tea with a whopping 110mg of caffeine.

I am sure some people consume too much for their system and needs. When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005 after suffering most of life, I tried everything. I cut caffeine out – stepped down to as close to zero as I could get. It did not help. In fact, it made things worse. The lesson is – do what works for you.

Anyhow – enjoy the month and have a cuppa or four. =)

Dear #team45

What the FUCK just happened today?


8 October 2013

Just some stuff I think you should know …

Deryk Engelland NEEDS to be on the ice — what is this healthy scratch shit!

If you don’t follow @wwwbigbaldhead, you are missing out.

fresh pork rinds from Short Sugar’s BBQ in Reidsville, NC are AMAZING!!

and that is it for this Tuesday … carry on. =)

day after tomorrow?

15 August 2004

Well gang — like I said Charley didn’t do much around here. (When I say around here I mean my yard — I don’t watch the local news all that much so for all I know Norfolk could be gone.)
The water pooled up a little in the front yard under the tree but as soon as it stopped raining it went away. Same goes for the puddle in the low lying area of the back yard. The marsh water did rise but not above the grass line, but I heard that there was less than a foots diffence between yesterday and normal. Guess we will have to wait for a bigger storm to see if we float away here.
I did have a strange dream last night and I think I was sleepwalking .. well sort of. I remember “waking up” from the dream and wandering around the house looking for LK. Then I sat down at my computer – I don’t remember what I did. I don’t think I emailed anyone or anything … but you never know about these things.


14 August 2004

Well Charley is here … we got quite a bit of rain from Alex last week but nothing more than your average summer thunderstorm in Hampton Roads. Right now the winds are howling and the dogs are BEGGING to go outside. It has been rainy pretty steadily since last night.
This morning LK and I ran over to Radio Shack for some stuff to finish running wires in the house and we saw crazy people everywhere. Batteries were flying off of the shelf at Radio Shack, so were flash lights. There was even a woman at PetsMart stocking up on pet food. Oddly enough there wasn’t a crowd at Michael’s. I would think if you were stuck in your home for days on end crafty stuff to do may be a fun diversion. I didn’t find the candle holders for the patio that I went in there looking for but ah well … maybe tomorrow.
I don’t expect Charley to do too much — not like it did in Florida anyhow. Things should be back to as normal as they get around here by tomorrow.