7 May 2017

We sent in our DNA to 23andMe a few weeks ago, and I’ve received mine and we are anxiously awaiting Michael’s. I am so impressed. It is amazing to see all of the detailed reports, fascinating.

To see where my story started, looking over the “TRAITS” reports. And yes, there is a reason why I drink so much caffeine. GENES.

If you are interested in learning about your ancestry, your health markers or just curious about DNA — check them out.



8 July 2014

You know I love books, but being in such a small space there is not really room for me to carry around a lot of extra stuff. So I love my KINDLE. Today – I realized I loved it even more.

You can install a small app on your desktop (Windows / Apple / Android) and have just about any and every ebook, text file, html whathaveyous sent to your Kindle. YAY!!

You can also put the Kindle app on your computer, and smart phone — having a Kindle gets you some perks but you don’t have to go buy one to use it as a reader!!

Amazon.com – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices


8 October 2010


Love it.

Coolness thy name is EVO.

29 June 2010

I have had the HTC EVO 4G phone for almost four weeks. I felt that I needed to review it because all of the reviews I have read so far are so technical and geeky. Which is cool but I thought I would share my .02 cents as a nerdy quasi-geeky (I am kind of geeky for using quasi – I know) grrly girl.

This phone is the new hotness. This phone is a sexy beast. I am proud to say I stood in release day lines for this bitch. I had the Samsung Moment (another Android phone) with the slider qwerty, and I loved it. But this sleek, fast, beautiful piece of hardware is impressive.

The qwerty on this phone is fantastic. So much faster and responsive than the iPod Touch that I have. It auto-rotates in a blink for a more prominent board, so I don’t miss the Moment as a phone. John C. Dvorak took a pic of Leo Laporte with it so you know I miss the actual hardware. *grins*

The screen on the Evo is crisp, clean, bright and HUGE. It is almost 2x the size of the screen on my iPod Touch. Even with the scratch guard film on it, I enjoy watching things on the Evo more than the iPod Touch.

Apps – Apple has MORE apps than Android but let’s face it … just because you have 50,000 fart apps in your market doesn’t make you king. King of the fart apps yes but who wants that title. I have found almost every app I use(d) on my iPod Touch instantly and now that the Kindle reader app is on Android .. I have them all. (And then some.)

Cameras – yes it has two, a front-facing camera for video chat and such things and a 8-megapixel with a flash on the rear camera. I am sad to say that before I bought the Evo, I purchased a new Fujifilm camera. We went to the beach just after the two purchases, and I used my phone to take more pics than I did with the camera. It was quick to load, so I don’t miss shots, and the quality was better than the point and shoot camera. It is not professional quality but decent enough for memories.

Kickstand – fuckin right it has a kickstand, so you don’t have to hold it while you are watching movies or videos … just awesome.

Battery life – not great but I have a fix for it Open Advanced Task Killer. It is an app that runs in the background keeping other apps in check. Some apps run while you aren’t using them, checking for updates, news, etc. This app killer extends your battery life. YMMV but with regular usage, my battery lasts up to 2.5 days, with heavy usage I can get 18 to 24 hours out of one charge.

So let’s run it down.
Sexy – check
Fast – check
Cameras – check
Fantastic screen for the youtubes and movies – check
Kickstand – check
4G – check
HDMI out – check
Battery life – squared away with app killer.

I think the iPhone just got pwned.

For Cheryl

16 May 2010

YouTube – Show Me What You Got, Spectral Tarsier.