Prime Now Amazon

1 November 2017

I wonder how much of a boost to their revenue in Las Vegas has been boosted by high ass people with the munchies that need a gallon of milk and a metric-shit ton of OREOs.


Violent Nature

19 January 2014

Thanks to a suggestion on from Brian Brushwood I am going to start reading Stephen Pinker’s The Beter Angels of Our Nature.

Apparently, we live in a time with fewer acts of violence against each other than ever in recorded history. Some might say it is because we are evolving and have become less violent as a species. I am interested in reading the book but I have to tell you that I don’t believe as a species we are less violent – I believe thanks to technology and various outlets for our rage we have been afforded the luxury of living out our violent nature without actually bringing physical harm to others.

Outlets like violent video games where one can kill an entire village of people with a sniper rifle, or run down pedestrians with their stolen hot rod. Television shows like “Dexter”, “Breaking Bad”, “The Walking Dead” — those are all outlets for our violent nature.

These shows and games allow us to vent and live out these thoughts and urges without getting our hands dirty.

I don’t think we are any less violent as a species – but my thoughts may change after I read the book.


23 July 2011

I am digging this … grab music online, listen to your music – I have the premium account so I can listen on my puter or my phone – it is pretty nifty.

If you are on Spotify – hit me up.

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I cancelled my Spotify account as soon as I found out they partnered with Facebook and were making it so you HAD to have a FB account to use Spotify. I left FB end of Sept 2011 and went with Google+ full time (and the twitter) – Facebook is evil.

Fuckin Perfect

20 January 2011

Over at Melting Mama I see this …


21 May 2010

The ETrade baby commercials are a big hit in this house. We randomly quote them. I am not sure why but when LK does his “Mikey” (the baby from the airplane who thinks the pilot is his dad) it cracks me up. Like almost wet myself funny.

He throws it out there at random moments so I never know when to expect it but it makes me smile.